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We design and implement digital strategies to keep your employees engaged - because they want to and not because they HAVE to.

What’s in it for your business:

  • We offer a gamified, digital solution to tackle communication and culture landing within organisations
  • We can deploy a solution across your business, no matter how many levels there are or the geographic locations they exist in

We will run a full employee experience that can:

  • Drive your culture and gather sentiment from your workforce
  • Give your employees recognition and rewards
  • Allow your workforce to receive digital training and facilitate compliance with training material
  • Distribute important company information across the business easily and view engagement statistics with this content

Every second you wait is a missed opportunity.
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Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence: Which is best for you?

I have a confession to make. I’m a digital marketing nerd. I’m not talking about a Ryan-Gosling-wearing-glasses nerd, but a full-on-Steve-Urkel nerd. And now is a very exciting time for digital marketing nerds! What has me so excited? Chatbots and artificial...

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Make your customers the star with personalised video

Make your customers the star with personalised video. There’s a word that has an undeniable hold over your customers. Use this word and they’ll be putty in your hand. This word… is their name. Sounds simple doesn’t it, but I can guarantee you that whatever personalisation strategies you’re using you’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. I’m not going to dwell on using a customer’s first name in an email, that should be a given at this stage. What I’d like to introduce you to is personalised video.

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Everything you need to know about Customer Experience

Customer experience has been a buzzword for so long now that it’s become its own industry. Of course, at Torque customer experience is more than just a buzzword, it’s our way of life. Despite all of this, I still encounter people who don’t quite grasp the concept and...

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