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Employee Experience is a vast subject and often quite hard to define. To us, it is recognising that a company is made up of people and the sum total of all of those people, make up the company. Employee Experience has to be about making sure that everyone is included. Everyone has two-way communication. Everyone has the ability to learn and grow and that everyone can work with the company to make it as successful and innovative as it can be.

So what does Torque actually do?

Well, we design and implement digital strategies to keep your employees engaged. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns with us though - we have rules, our solutions are always:

  • Easy to use
  • Available to all
  • Personalised
  • Two-way

If you don’t like that, then we are probably not the people you are looking for. But I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t agree with those principles.

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So as we mentioned, we specialise in digital communication, gamification and employee engagement. We specialise in working with large organisations with multiple branches and levels across Southern Africa, generally in retail or hospitality.

Our fundamental reason for working with Employee Experience is completely selfish. We love what we do and believe that all businesses operate better where employees feel connected and valued as an important part of the business, no matter what their title or role.

Well, we design and implement digital strategies to keep your employees engaged – because they want to and not because they have to.

We do this by

  • Creating powerful Employee Experiences all the way from pre-onboarding until the end of tenure
  • Build gamified, digital portals and journeys - yes, work can be fun
  • Support your rewards and recognition programmes
  • Distribute targeted learning and compliance material within your business
  • Allow for two-way engagement between management and staff
  • Support change initiatives and as well as testing for change across the organisation
  • Designing and developing campaigns for landing culture and values
  • Consolidating communication, targeting relevant comms to different segments of your business
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Human Resources

Why does HR need us?

We work with your business to automate daily tasks in order to free up the capacity of the clever people in your HR department to move on to bigger and better things.

How do we service HR?

We work with HR personnel on the Rewards and Recognition Programmes. We offer systems that can survey staff to gather sentiment, perform Employee Benefits surveys and host important application forms and documentation that get lost in your dusty intranet.

What do we offer HR?

We offer the HR department automated assessments and tools to train and communicate with the various roles, levels and teams across the business. Best of all, we make it fun!

It’s our bag, baby!

  • Pre-Onboarding
  • Onboarding
  • Assessment tools i.e. surveys and polls
  • Documentation hosting (application forms and policies)
  • Culture landing and sharing
  • Wellness and benefits
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Skills development and training
  • Authenticity
  • Behaviour change
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Why does Training need us?

We can assist with facilitating your training and compliance programmes across your organisation and making sure that they are available to the right person and the right time.

How do we service Training?

We serve targeted training to people in specific job roles or levels of your organisation. Whether its product training, compliance that needs to be monitored and tracked or general skills development material that you want to make available to all.

What do we offer Training?

We can publish targeted training, both in the way of skills development and product training to various roles. We can also accommodate training for compliance and record engagement and interaction for you to effectively measure your company’s compliance.

  • LMS
  • Product training
  • Skills development
  • Compliance
  • Self-development
  • Mentorship
  • Job-specific assessment
  • Occupational intelligence
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Internal Communication

Why does Internal Comms need us?

We can assist with consolidating your various programmes and communication into one sensible stream that employees are more likely to engage with. Since all the comms are consolidated, you can quickly assess information and campaign overload within your organisation and plan for it.

How do we service Internal Comms?

We offer clean and simple digital, gamified solutions to increase engagement internally and maximise your efforts inside the business.

What do we offer Internal Comms?

We offer Internal Communications the following:

  • Video content
  • Business news
  • Logistical updates
  • Sharing stories
  • Targeting comms to different segments
  • Accessible via mobile
  • Available to all
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Why does Marketing need us?

An organisation’s employees are often overlooked by the company as a group to be marketed to, but the truth is that your company are your most engaged audience, and they are invested in your brand and most likely to become brand ambassadors! We urge you to use their powers for good!

How do we service Marketing?

We can help you to communicate your marketing campaigns inside your business and keep your employees up to speed on what developments are going on on the ground in terms of your marketing initiatives. We can also poll them for their feedback and suggestions on existing and future marketing materials - this is also an opportunity to see if your brand in landing.

What do we offer Marketing?

We offer Marketing departments:

  • Ideas for Business (Big Idea)
  • What is the business doing in a marketing space
  • PR - internal and external
  • Brand positioning - ensuring consistency
  • Brand Ambassadorship
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What is the business case for Employee Experience?

This is our favourite question because traditionally Employee Experience has been seen as a nice to have, not an essential.

  • Engaged employees spread positive reviews about their company on all platforms - this leads to decreased hiring and marketing costs, whilst simultaneously drawing in stronger candidates.
  • 10-25% of new recruits leave within the first 6 months - the cost for this can be crippling. An effective Employee Experience starts before the new employee even starts - ensuring a high retention rate both of new hires and existing employees.
  • Engaged employees contribute new ideas to the business - and often know exactly what the company needs. This can add new revenue lines and decreased costs.
  • Engaged employees create ERG’s (employee resource groups) which empower diverse groups, develop leaders and create new business opportunities.
  • Engaged employees drive revenue - according to Gallup, highly engaged teams achieve, on average, a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 20% increase in sales.
  • A sound Employee Experience program can digitise and automate part of the HR / Training/ Communication and marketing functions, allowing those individuals to spend time on other work.

Imagine the output of an employee that is creating an extra 10% of their current output across the sum of all of their touchpoints with the business across the time of tenure - that’s quite a bit!
Ie. If your business is generating 5 Billion, just a single % has the potential to unlock 20 Million in operating income!

What can you expect to happen in your business when you work with us?

Obviously, our goal is for your employees to be happy! But that’s quite a hard metric to prove. So, instead we can track:

  • Behavioural change
  • Engagement levels
  • Conversation
  • Sentiment
  • Time spent on key content pieces
  • Social activity
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What our Clients Say


Professional and friendly staff who are a dream to work with. Speedy and efficient assistance to help you make the best of your internal communications, and fun with the gamification.

Tenneil Zondagh
Wilderness Safaris


If you're looking for a dream team to create & collaborate with - then look no further! The Torque team consistently goes beyond just filling the brief - they are creative & never short of ideas to improve customer experience. They are absolutely methodical in their planning and execution of projects. They get to know their clients (sincerely) & to the heart of what they want to achieve. Then they make those visions come to fruition. Brilliant & a pleasure work with!

Farrah-Lynn Spies


We love working with Torque. Their personalised service and custom solutions work in synergy with our needs and help us to continuously enhance our relationship with consumers.

Charize Neill


I've had the pleasure of working with Torque since early 2010 and I would recommend them without hesitation. In business, service and trust are two key components for me, and in this regard, I would give them a resounding 12/10.

Michael Pashut
Minibuses Wanted


For 7 years the Torque team have worked with us to create great customer experience! Torque is very focussed on ensuring that we, their customers, ALSO have a great experience and do so with a big smile and a willingness to help.

Claire Opperman
Flight Centre