Employee Experience (EX)

20th Mar 2020

Decrease anxiety when working from home

Working from home sounds like bliss. It sounds like a lot of coffee, lounging on the couch, PJ’s for days and a whole lot of chilling. But that's rarely the case. Here you can find how we at Torque deal with the anxieties that accompany working from home.
20th Mar 2020

Our tech stack for working remotely

We all wish that we could work from home more often, but does that mean we have the necessary tools to actually complete the job? Here is a guide of the tools that we at Torque use when working remotely to get the job done, and get it done well.
28th Jan 2020

7 steps to putting together the perfect employee campaign

We often get asked to work on internal marketing campaigns for clients – this most often a values or culture led campaign, looking to get both […]