I’ve said before that it’s not the size of your database that counts, but how you use it – and I stand by that. But once you’re managing your database like a well-oiled, lead-generating machine, having a bigger database will amplify your efforts.

Here are some creative ways to growth hack your database:

1. Make them an offer they can’t refuse

No, I don’t mean you should start putting horse heads in people’s beds like in The Godfather (great movie!), I’m talking about something a little more enticing. Everyone knows that if you want to grow your database that your website needs to have a subscribe form. This is a no brainer. But too many businesses just leave it at that.

A much better strategy is to offer something to your target market that is of such great value that they simply can’t pass it up, especially since all you’re asking for in return is their email address. If you choose something tailored to your ideal customer you’ll attract the right kind of subscriber – and as you know, quality is much more important than quantity. A great example of this is to identify your ideal customer’s pain point (e.g. they need to save money) and offer them something that speaks to that (e.g. top 5 money-saving tips).

Don’t limit this to your website, come up with as many incentives as you can and create a landing page for each. You can then advertise these on social media, other websites and in your blogs. If you choose the right offers, you’ll quickly see your database grow.

2. Make it fun!

If you need to grow your database quickly and have a little money to burn, then a competition with a great prize is the way to go – I mean, who doesn’t like being a winner! If your target audience is quite broad, choose a general prize that appeals to a large number of people (a holiday getaway, for example) and if your target audience is quite specific, choose a prize that’s relevant to them to make sure you attract the right kind of subscribers. The last thing you want is to grow your database only for people to unsubscribe immediately after the competition because they’re not interested in what you sell.

Supercharge your competition by adding a viral element and gamifying it. If the prize is really great (which it should be if you want your competition to succeed) then people will be willing to work a little harder to win – and you can use this to your advantage. Include a simple game or quiz for people to complete to be eligible and give the prize to the entrant with the highest score. Here’s where things get really cool: give entrants another turn in exchange for sharing the competition on social media. Boom! Exponential database growth.

3. Integrate all your different systems

You’ll be surprised how many people slip through the cracks because businesses don’t integrate all of their different data points. Most companies use their subscriber database for marketing, but what about customers who come in through their Point of Sale or Reservations System? Do you have salespeople who regularly meet with clients? What about your website’s enquiry forms? Where do all these details go?

There are many different touch points where customers are willing to give you their email address – make sure that all of these touch points are integrated with your CRM. Not only will this increase the size of your database, but it will give you a more extensive view of each customer. Just remember to send a targeted message get them to opt in to receive marketing communication to avoid being guilty of sending spam.

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