What’s in it for your business

  • We offer gamified, digital solutions that handle internal communication, training and compliance and are able to facilitate HR objectives within organisations
  • We can deploy a solution across your business, no matter how many levels there are or the geographic locations they exist in

Things that make us sleep well at night

We are Employee Experience Consultants that believe that a company is made of people and that ALL people make a company. There are a few non-negotiables about the work that we do. Knowing that we deliver uncompromised Employee Experience solutions that:

  • Are available to all
  • Are completely personalised
  • Offer a two-way conversation
  • Position the business as an Employer of Choice
  • Aid in both recognition and retention strategies
  • Are gamified and fun

We specialise in digital communication, gamification and staff incentives and we work with large organisations with multiple branches and levels across Southern Africa.

Our fundamental reason for working with Employee Experience is completely selfish. We love what we do and believe that all businesses operate better where employees feel connected and valued as an important part of the business, no matter what their title or role.

So, what is it that we actually do?

We design and implement digital strategies to keep your employees engaged because they want to and not because they have to. We:

  • Create powerful Employee Experiences
  • Build gamified, digital portals and journeys
  • Support your rewards and recognition programmes
  • Distribute targeted learning and compliance material within your business
  • Allow for two-way engagement between management and staff
  • Support change initiatives and can test for change across the organisation
  • Design and develop campaigns for landing culture and values
  • Can consolidate communication and serve targeted comms to different segments of your business