If you read our previous blog on generating leads via email, you’ll know that we don’t send sales emails. These days customers are way too savvy for that!

As promised, now we’re sharing with you a real-world example of one of our sales email strategies to help you visualise what we’re talking about. The following is an example of a successful lead generation campaign that we ran for one of our favourite clients Grootbos Private Nature Reserve in September 2014. Here are 4 key ingredients that we used to make their campaign a success:

1. Send emails people want to open

When you try to sell something to someone who has no interest in your product, you will fail – regardless of how fantastic your product is! The key is to only sell to people who have already shown an interest in your product or service.

In applying this principle, instead of sending out an email to Grootbos’s database telling everyone about packages designed for whale watching, we sent out a link to a stunning video of the whales frolicking off the Gansbaai coast. Who wouldn’t want to watch these magnificent creatures at play?

People are much more likely to click through to view a high-quality nature video than they are to click through to read about yet another package offer.

Grootbos Whale Mail #1

Whale Mail #1

2. Determine interest

It’s a sad fact, but not everyone loves whales equally. And not everyone gets excited by the thought of a specially created whale-watching package. So don’t send the same generic special offer to everyone who has ever given you their email address. Rather find out who would be interested and send the mail to only them.

We did this by tracking click throughs to the video because people who watched the video are significantly more likely to be interested in enquiring about seeing these mammals in real life.

3. Target your message

Once we’d identified who on the database who had a keen interest in whales (based on their decision to click through to watch the video), we tailored a follow-up email that addressed their interest specifically: Interested in whales? Here are some packages that we put together specifically for you!

Grootbos Whale Mail 2

Whale Mail #2

4. Call to action

In the targeted email we sent out you may have noticed that, while there are multiple places for people to click, there is one strong central call to action: ‘Enquire here about these special packages’. People are more likely to enquire than to book (it’s much less of a commitment).

And this soft call to action gives you the opportunity to talk to your potential customer directly and describe the benefits of the product or service you’re offering. Since they’ve already expressed a strong interest in your product (in this case by watching the video and then clicking through to enquire), closing a sale should be a piece of cake!

Whale Mail Call To Action

Whale Mail Enquiry Form

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