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If you’ve kept up to date on our blogs you know that the key to boosting your sales is personalisation. You’ve probably already started gathering as much customer data as you can to get to know your customers and only send them content (and offers) tailored to them.

Good job!

But don’t pat yourself on the back just yet. Sending the right message to the right person is only part of the equation. What comes next is where the real magic happens.

Right Message + Right Person + Right Time = Massive Sales

Let me explain the personalisation formula in layman’s terms using flu medicine as an example: Everyone gets the flu (if you don’t, please tell me your secret), and so everyone needs flu medicine, right? The problem is that most people only want flu medicine when they’re sick. Only the best of the best salespeople can sell flu medicine to someone in perfect health.

But if you try to sell flu medicine to someone with the flu, it’s totally different story. Now imagine you can tailor your marketing to people who already need your product or service (and know that they need it).

What if I told you we can tell when people are ready to buy from you?

Before you cry “SORCERY!” and dig your pitchfork out of the garage, let me explain…

Actions speak louder than words

As you can probably tell by the heading of this section, the best way to know when people are ready to buy from you is through their actions. This doesn’t mean you have to employ thousands of private investigators to follow your customers around waiting for them to cough (that’s probably illegal) – there’s a much easier way to do it, especially in the digital space.

  • Step 1 – Decide what you want to sell

If your brand only offers one product or service then this is a very easy step and you can move onto step 2. If you offer a variety of products or services, on the other hand, you may find this a bit more difficult. Of course, the end goal is to sell all of your products or services, but let’s keep it simple for now: Choose the product or service that is easiest for you to sell. It could be because it’s the most affordable or even because it’s your flagship product.

  • Step 2 – Decide what actions show that someone is interested

Now that you’ve chosen which product or service you want to sell, identify what actions people who are interested in it will take. They can click on a link in an email, visit a page on your website, download a PDF, the list goes on and on. Just be sure that the actions you choose relate specifically to the product or service you’re trying to sell.

  • Step 3 – Send an unmissable offer

Here comes the magic step: create an autoresponder that is triggered when your customers show interest through their actions. For an extra quick sale, include an unmissable, time-sensitive offer like “Get 20% discount for the next 48 hours.”

  • Step 4 – Sit back and watch the sales roll in

Okay, so I fudged the truth a bit with this step. Even if you get it right first time and sales start pouring in, there is always room for improvement. Try different email designs, swap out the offer, switch up the text – you never know what may catch people’s eye. Even if something works really well, test again in a few months because customers tastes change regularly.

It really is as simple as that if you have the right tools to work with. If you’re interested in using personalisation to increase your sales, get in touch with us here.