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At Torque, we believe that organisational learning needs to be considered within the context of the 4 EX Formula. In case you haven’t come across the 4 EX Formula is

  1. Conversation
  2. Community
  3. Function
  4. Reward

Viewing any employee experience intervention through the 4 EX lens helps remind EX professionals that every programme we develop needs to keep the employee at the centre, to develop what’s best for them.


Programmes that allow the learners to set their own goals tend to work better because they offer the learner a sense of control and autonomy in the learning process. So, a pull strategy vs a push strategy. The challenge is, of course, facilitating that at scale. Digitally, is the answer, using question modules and surveys to find out what people want in terms of their on-the-job needs and their career ambitions.

We recommend that businesses maintain an open line of communication to inform strategy. One mechanism involves surveying your employees about the challenges of learning.

For this and more ideas, download our guide “Rethinking your L&D Strategy”.


How effectively people learn is determined in a significant way by the learner’s context. What is your internal culture of learning? Does your organisation have a growth mindset? Do people feel like they have the time to learn? How is the learning supported after the learning intervention? Creating a culture and a community of learning will stand your organisation in good stead for growth and success.

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Learning is a type of conditional behaviour. People tend to learn when they are rewarded to do so – but it is not that simple. If a learner begins to take for granted the reward, the reward could have the opposite effect of demotivating the learning behaviour. So, we need to come back to the CONVERSATION element and find out what the learner really wants and needs and use that to shape our programmes.

So why use Torque’s Learning resources?

At Torque, we have been head’s down developing a range of high-impact courses to suit the current needs of most learning professionals. In our latest course catalogue, you will find the following topics covered:

Corporate Classes

The Torque Corporate Classes are a series of soft skill and personal development eLearning packages to allow your employees to grow and develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

Our classes are designed to fit in with your ongoing employee learning, supplementary learning or as an onboarding series.
They are developed in conjunction with a wide range of subject matter experts, so you can rest assured that your employees receive content from a broad and diverse team.

There are many benefits to choosing to expand your learning from the catalogue:

  1. Plug ‘n play and ready to go – no time for development
  2. It can be easily customised with additional content, policies or videos from your organisation
  3. Available in your Corporate Identity
  4. A range of subjects is available, which are expanded upon monthly
  5. You can select the bundles in any combination – tailor-make the learning to achieve your objectives!
  6. Available on our Learning platform & app as a bulk enrolment, OR you can purchase the SCORM files on your existing Learner Management System

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Catalogue

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work is not easy. It is not a single day workshop – it requires each person to have space and time to work through their feelings and journey. Our range of courses takes the learner through key concepts, sets common language and presents scenarios to challenge learners.

Courses in this section:

  • Beliefs, Values and Attitudes
  • Courageous Conversations: handling conflict
  • Train the Trainer – How to have Diversity conversations in the organisations
  • Sexual Harassment (South Africa)
  • Beliefs, Values and Attitudes
  • Courageous Conversations: handling conflict
  • Train the Trainer – How to have Diversity conversations in the organisations
  • Sexual Harassment (South Africa)
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Toolkit (12 Modules)
      • Module 1 – What is DEI Understanding the concepts
      • Module 2 – The benefits of DEI
      • Module 3 – What is your part in DEI?
      • Module 4 – Psychological Safety: What is it and how can we create it?
      • Module 5 – Introduction to beliefs, values and attitudes
      • Module 6 – Bias
      • Module 7 – Introduction to Racial and Ethnic diversity
      • Module 8 – Introduction to Cultural diversity
      • Module 9 – Gender diversity
      • Module 10 – Sexual diversity
      • Module 11 – Disability awareness
      • Module 12 – Courageous conversations: Handling conflict

Power skills and self-development

We don’t believe that these skills are ‘soft’ – we believe that they bring power and development to the individual as well as the organisation.

Courses in this section:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal Branding
  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Changing your mindset: Imposter Syndrome
  • Changing your mindset: Values and Beliefs
  • Changing your mindset: Appreciative Inquiry Introduction
  • The power of journaling
  • Drowning prevention: Keeping water-safe

Financial Literacy

The benefit of financial literacy is that it empowers us to make smart financial decisions. It provides the knowledge and skills we need to manage money effectively – budgeting, saving, borrowing, and investing. This means that we’re better equipped to reach our financial goals and achieve financial stability as well as support the business in its financial endeavours.

Lesson 1: Introduction to personal finance
Lesson 2: Money Blueprint
Lesson 3: My financial life and goal setting
Lesson 4: Savings
Lesson 5: Investing
Lesson 6: Budgeting
Lesson 7: Debt
Lesson 8: Protect my assets
Lesson 9: Tax and Insurance
Lesson 10: Estate planning
Lesson 11: How to talk to kids and teens about money
Lesson 12: Making money

Business Skills

These courses are aimed at bringing basic business skills to your organisation – quick, micro-learning when you need it most! 

  1. Time management
  2. An Introduction to Business Etiquette

Compliance Courses

These courses are available as they are based on South African law, or customised to include specific references to your unique policies and procedures! 

  1. Sexual Harassment
  2. POPIA – an introduction

Health and Wellness

Keeping employees well and healthy is no longer a “nice to have” and providing health and wellness learning is essential. We weave in your unique benefit stack here to provide learning that is relevant, quick and impactful.

  1. Breast Cancer
  2. Testicular Cancer
  3. Drowning prevention
  4. Emotional Regulation
  5. Health & Wellness Toolkit
      • Emotional Regulation
      • Basics of Nutrition
      • Hydration
      • Managing Burnout
      • The Joy of Journalling
      • MyFitness – getting fit at home