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Imagine a workplace where employees' well-being is not just a concept but a vibrant reality. Picture a scenario where positive change is not just a theory but a practical, everyday occurrence.

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With our Employee Wellness Content Pack, you gain access to a wealth of curated content that covers three key phases of well-being and personal growth.

Start Small

Start small, anchor habits like a pro, and watch tiny steps create mega transformations and create lasting habits.

Zoom In
Identify existing prompts in our environment, define actions that are easy to do, make changes and celebrate immediately after completing the action to reinforce the behaviour.  

Designed to be simple and effective, helping people create positive habits that lead to significant improvements in their lives.

What's included?

No need to start from scratch with wellness. Leverage our expertise to tailor your organisation's unique wellness journey. 

How To Guide

A quick-start guide to help you with rollout to maximise engagement. No need to try and figure it all out!

Friendly nudges

Copy that can be used in any type of file, like an image, GIF, or mailer for a multiple channel approach. 


A series of emails ready to be placed into your sending platform of choice.


Easy to understand and tell a good story, these handy artefacts deliver content in an easily-digestible format.


Fillable PDFs that can be used digitally or printed for workshops or wellness days. 


Get feedback on your wellness initiative with our ready-to-go survey.

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