Bringing You Some of the Best Minds in DEI

Oct 15 / Loren Phillips
I’ve been asked before: “Are you an expert in DEI?” My answer: “No, certainly not.”


I am on the journey, and I have a lot to learn in this space (which begs the question: “Is the learning ever complete?” and the answer is almost always a resounding “No”).

“An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.”

Nicholas Butler

I am very good at pulling the right people together and in finding the best person for the job, which is why we have curated an excellent cohort of subject matter experts in creating our DEI toolkit. Below are some of the voices that you will find guiding the conversation and engagement around Torque’s DEI Toolkit offering. What makes out DEI toolkit unique is the fact that it is a collaboration of thought leaders in various subjects that impact on and influence real diversity, equity and inclusion.

Bernadette Rigney – Fability

Making an impact on people’s lives comes effortlessly to Bernadette Rigney, whose infectious laugh and positive outlook on life makes you smile. Bernadette was born with a rare condition called Arthrogryposis, which affects the muscles and limits the range of motion in her hands and legs. She has proven herself to be a giant in her field. Bernadette began seeing how critical her role was and brought about greater awareness of the many different needs for different types of disabilities because she is in a unique position to bring attention to the challenges that persons with disabilities face daily.

Anzio Jacobs – Gala

Anzio Jacobs has been a community activist in the LGBTQIA+ sector in South Africa since 2009. They have been instrumental in founding several LGBTQIA+ projects, including a university endorsed student pride parade, the Safe Zones Project at Wits, the Kaleidoscope Youth Network in South Africa, and the GALA Youth Forum at the Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action (GALA). Jacobs has consulted for PLUS. The LGBTI Business Network. They are currently working as an independent consultant, providing consulting services to Diversi-T and GALA associate.

Claire Holden – Change in Mindset

Claire Holden is an Empowerment Coach, Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner and author of guided journals. Claire has always been passionate about offering solutions and strategies that allow people to perform at their best and add maximum value to their organisations. Claire is passionate about making coaching available to as broad an audience as possible. Her journals are designed as self-guided coaching journeys.

Dr. Nitasha Ramparsad – JD Legacy Projects

Nitasha is the founding director of JD Legacy Projects and has over 15 years of experience in Executive and Leadership training. She currently holds a PhD in Philosophy of Politics, in which her study focused on gender mainstreaming practices within the South African State. She believes in advancing the developing world and producing knowledge around the lived experiences of the people therein.

Noloyiso Tlali – Tsholo Consulting

Noloyiso is a seasoned legal practitioner with an extensive legal background and business insights accumulated in various corporate companies. She is the Founder of TSHOLO Consulting Services, which specialises in Labour Law, Human Resources, Training and the Protection of Personal Information Act. Noloyiso is passionate about learning, training and mentorship, and this comes through in her work on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in partnership with BABH. Her approach is always to simplify information; whether related to the law, diversity, or training in various areas in which she is a subject matter expert.

Paula Quinsee

Paula is a passionate advocate for healthy personal and professional relationships. Her expertise includes employee wellness, relationship dynamics, human (soft) skills, behaviour profiling, GBV, and so much more. Paula’s expertise has been earned from her journey of adversity when she lost her mother at age 7, sexual abuse, binge eating and more until she decided that her past does not define who she is – she does. As a result, Paula is a passionate advocate for GBV, empowering others to heal and move forward in their relationships and life, adding her contribution to a better world.

Together with these leaders in the field of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we have created the tools for companies to use to include EVERYONE in the journey, whether they have access to the internet or not. People need the time and space to do the work and the privacy to reflect on their thoughts.