Map your way to
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employee experience! 

Employee experience is defined by every interaction your employees have with your organisation - how your people feel, think, and connect with their surroundings and each other.

From the everyday sights and sounds of the office to the underlying emotional dynamics, even down to how individuals perceive their roles and contributions - each of these interactions shape not just job satisfaction, but how connected and valued employees feel every day. 
How many of your employee interactions and experiences has have you intentionally designed? We have found, that when left to chance, more often than not your employee experience leads to unpredictable and disappointing outcomes.  

By leveraging the power of design thinking, you can enhance the employee experience to ensure every interaction is not only meaningful but also a genuine embodiment of your organisation's distinct identity and the commitments you've made to your people. This proactive approach ensures that the employee's experience is as rewarding and effective as possible. 

Yes, we’re talking about Employee Journey Mapping. Want to see an example?

What is Employee Journey Mapping, you ask? 

Employee Journey Mapping is a process of visualising all the significant experiences and moments that matter to your employees throughout their relationship with your organisation.

From their first glance at your career portal to their final exit interview, every step is an opportunity to enhance connection, trust and meaning. 

Why map your
employee journey? 

The Torque Difference 

Transform your workplace with our Employee Journey Mapping. We don’t just map out your current employee experience, but also reimagine the possible, turning routine into remarkable. 

Our process is anchored in a collaborative and people-centric approach, prioritising the mapping journey instead of just getting to the map itself. We work closely with your key stakeholders to pinpoint the moments that truly matter in your organisation and together, we design a journey that employee personas resonate with and drives your strategic goals forward. 

Each client is unique, but our process typically involves: 

Kick-off with clarity 

Start with a bang! A session where your core team and our experts align on what success looks like. We're not just gathering data; we're forging a partnership to meticulously tailor your employee experience.

Discover the moments that matter 

We turn insights into action. Through interactive, engaging workshops and direct feedback channels like surveys and interviews, we capture the essence of your employee experience. It’s about pinpointing those crucial moments - the good, the bad, and everything in between. 

Get Personal with Persona Mapping

Let’s get personal! Persona mapping uncovers the quirks, dreams, and gripes of your people. Think of it as creating character profiles for your very own workplace sitcom. By crafting these detailed personas, it ensures every strategy hits home, making your employees feel seen and valued. It’s not just data; it’s about real people with real stories. With persona mapping, we turn insights into action, designing experiences that truly connect and spark joy in your organisation.

Craft the future

Creativity meets concrete action here. Whether it’s a half-day sprint or a series of day-long deep dives, we brainstorm, strategise, and plan. We’ll home in on what needs fixing and reinvent ways to honour your EVP promise and EX, always keeping your strategic goals in sharp focus.

Seal the deal with a strategy

We wrap up with a comprehensive employee journey map and toolkit that’s not just a document - it’s a blueprint for ongoing evolution in your workplace. From final tweaks with leadership to handing over the keys to a sustainable strategy, we ensure your journey to employee satisfaction is both actionable, measurable, and inspiring.

Why this rocks

We’re making every issue an opportunity. Transforming complaints into innovations and turning your people into proactive problem-solvers, we ensure that your workplace is more than just a place to work - it’s a place to thrive.

Rewrite the rules of work.
Map your journey to being different with us! 

Each of our journey maps is uniquely tailored to fit your organisation's needs, ensuring quick wins and significant impacts. 

Let's chat about how we can help or join our next workshop on Employee Journey Mapping to find out how to launch your mapping efforts. 
From a single moment to the whole map – partner with Torque to get your EX excellent.