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Do candidates know why they should join your business?
Or why they should stay?

Why it's so important

EX Experience Planning
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A strong employer brand is crucial for a company's success as it not only attracts and retains top talent but also fosters employee satisfaction, productivity, and performance.

Tying this in with a great Employee Value Proposition (EVP) ensures that the company offers a compelling and unique package of benefits, rewarding experiences, and growth opportunities that resonate with employees.

Persona mapping plays a vital role in supporting these functions by enabling companies to identify and understand the diverse needs, motivations, and aspirations of their target talent pool.

This tailored approach helps create a powerful alignment between the employer brand and EVP, ensuring that the company remains an attractive and fulfilling workplace for the best and brightest talent, ultimately driving sustainable growth and long-term business success. 

Why every company needs an EVP 

So how can we help?

Our Approach
Experience planning is at the heart of an exceptional Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and employer brand. Torque's comprehensive solutions in journey mapping and persona identification help you create a unique and compelling narrative that resonates with both existing and prospective employees.

We help companies like yours craft the perfect blueprint for your employee experience, setting the foundation for a thriving workplace. 


Establish a brand

Employer Branding

Allow us to assist you in establishing your brand as an irresistible force, attracting the finest talent in the industry. 


Personalised EX

Employee Persona Mapping

Find out how to use employee personas to fuel a personalised EX. Our persona mapping exercises empower you to tailor and direct your internal communication efforts. 


Employee insights

Employee Value Proposition

Torque will help you to use employee insights to craft a captivating EVP that attracts, retains, and inspires your people. 


Company culture

Vision and Values

Unleash the power of your carefully crafted vision and values by transforming them into a vibrant company culture. Our expertise drives behaviour that gives life to your unique ethos. 

EVPs we've worked on

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What a typical EVP process looks like

Step 1.
We do the research

Persona mapping, focus groups, benefit analysis, exit interviews, policy analysis - we understand where you are.

Step 2.
Your EVP comes to life

Mapped against the five pillars, the architecture of your EVP is brought to life and personalised for your segments.

Step 3.
Creative Execution and Refinement

We bring the EVP to life and how it should be used in your business after validation with your people.
Come and get it

Download our infographic on why you need an EVP of your very own!