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Hi, we're Torque!

We partner with you to build fantastic employee experiences from start to part.

We specialise in the personalisation of employee experience at scale, with large workforces throughout Africa.

Our core focus is on understanding who the people are in the business - how to attract them, how to retain them, how to involve them, how to engage them, how to grow them and how to ensure that they have a great experience along the way! 
What's in it for you?

Why work with an EX consultancy?

Engaging with a consultancy that specialises in employee experience can offer organisations valuable guidance, industry expertise, and proven approaches to improve the overall employee experience.

Research conducted by Gallup reveals that prioritising the employee experience has tangible benefits, including a 17% increase in productivity, a 20% rise in sales, and a substantial 21% boost in profitability. Consequently, investing in an employee experience consultancy not only positively impacts employees but also significantly enhances business performance.

In summary, placing emphasis on the employee experience is no longer an optional indulgence; rather it has become an essential requirement for any forward-thinking organisation. 

By implementing a well-defined strategy for enhancing the employee experience, businesses can strengthen their employer brand reputation, attract and retain top talent effectively and ultimately gain a competitive advantage within today's unpredictable marketplace.




Our zones of genius

Enhanced experience

With Torque by your side, you can holistically enhance your employees' experience, driving satisfaction, loyalty, and business success.

Explore our comprehensive services and discover how we can transform your workplace into a thriving environment where employees are seen for their whole selves and are enabled to reach their full potential. 

Our expertise spans:
  • EX Strategy and Consulting
  • Technology Integration
  • Experience Planning
  • DEI
  • Learning and Growth
  • Employee Wellness

What can we do for you?

100k students
In depth analysis
Market structure
Technical insight

EX Strategy and Consulting

Our favourite way to spend time: We work with you on all aspects of your EX-strategy to transform your workplace.

Employer Branding

Attract top talent: How can a strong employer brand boost your EX success?

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

What makes you unique? Discover the power of a compelling EVP and how it can attract, retain and engage your people. 

Employee Persona Mapping

Know your team: How can employee personas drive a personalised EX?

EX Communications

What's the secret to seamless EX communications? Get in touch!

Communication Strategy and Planning

Connect and engage: How can an effective communication strategy elevate your employee experience?

EX Channels

Analysis and Implementation: Maximise your reach: How can our EX channel analysis optimise your communication efforts?

EX Learning

Empower your team: How can our EX learning programs fuel professional growth?

EX Listening Strategy

Hear your employees: How can an active listening strategy improve your workplace culture?

Content Creation

Captivating content: How can our tailored content solutions drive employee engagement?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Create an inclusive workplace: How can our DEI solutions foster a diverse and supportive environment?

EX Gamification, Recognition and Rewards

Motivate and celebrate: How can gamification, recognition, and rewards boost employee satisfaction?

Workshops and Focus Groups

Evolve together: How can our workshops and focus groups drive impactful change in your organisation?

Wellness and Burnout

Our favourite way to spend time: We work with you on all aspects of your EX-strategy to transform your workplace.
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Who works with us?

All our requirements have been met and our expectations exceed throughout our journey with the innovative Torque team. They continue to astonish us with their expertise and phenomenal insights.
Elzette van Niekerk - Communications Manager
Builders Warehouse
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