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EX Trends Report

2023 / 2024

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Answering the Why

Why the 4 EX Formula?

Torque's methodology revolves around four strategic pillars, which are essential for achieving success in employee experience.

By maintaining a balance between these pillars, we ensure that employees' needs are met, empowering them to excel at their jobs and contribute to the company's success.

Our aims:
  • We want to build Community
  • We want to Reward for engagement 
  • We want to create Conversations
  • We want a Functional solution, accessible to everyone
What are they?

The 4 EX Pillars

When an EX system is a success, there is a balance between all 4 Pillars, so that we are serving the needs of the employee and allowing them to bring their best self to work and be empowered to do their job to the best of their ability.


With a sense of belonging comes a sense of purpose.
In fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment, employers will attract purpose-driven people who feel supported in their mission. 


Understanding what matters most, motivates employee behaviour and prompts a reciprocal response defines how employees are seen and recognised for their contribution. 


Frequent two-way dialogue, supported by multi-media channels, allows for the employee’s voice to be heard, and for the feedback to inform ongoing communication.


A positive employee experience requires using tools to reduce friction in day-to-day work. The more employees are enabled to do their best work, the better the outcome will be for all. 

Through our ongoing client interactions, we have the privilege of seeing our methodology in action and the positive results manifested in involved workforces. In the process, we’ve also witnessed growing trends in employee experience that influence how strategy is executed.