Challenges of Effecting True Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Oct 15 / Loren Phillips
Effecting actual change in relation to diversity, equity and inclusion poses many challenges for a business. Once leadership has bought in emotionally and committed to prioritising DEI for the company, how does the organisation create actionable habits out of those priorities and build a system that holds it all in place?
Torque has launched the DEI Toolkit and easy, plug-and-play products designed to build the habits that will drive change in the business by raising self-inquiry and reflection in every individual in the industry. Here are some of the challenges our DEO Toolkit solves. 

Setting a common language

The DEI toolkit sets the vocabulary for diversity, equity and inclusion and defines critical concepts around bias and challenges people to investigate their own biases to review and revise some of their previously held assumptions. Once a common language has been set, it becomes easier to have meaningful conversations around DEI based on shared understanding.

Self-paced, safe space

The content is accessible to all and allows individuals to work through the module in their own time, in their own space and allows for the quiet reflection that’s needed to effect real change – change on the individual level. By encouraging individual participation and allowing one to take ownership of their role in the transition, we can empower the whole organisation and mobilise everyone towards the same goal.

Making a habit of it

Our DEI toolkit makes DEI – an abstract concept for some – into a tangible priority and helps employees view it as such. Most importantly, it makes a habit to look at work relations through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion. From there, leaders will naturally start to frame initiatives, in the same manner, building a system that holds DEI at its centre.

Inclusive at its core

Our DEI Toolkit is structured in a way that is catered to everyone in the business. Using both online content that can be uploaded to a company’s intranet and a paper-back journal that supports the concepts and embeds them at every level of the organisation.