Meditation, weights and hamburgers…

Feb 4 / Loren Phillips
So I’ve seen a lot of posts recently about everyone’s morning routines and yes, I must confess, I am a big fan of getting up early. I always have been – I blame working in the game lodge industry – I was up early to get the coffee and rusks ready for the guests before they went on drive and I loved those quiet hours. They felt secret and mine!

As I moved back to the city (boo!) I found that I still enjoyed the early mornings best and could tap into my most creative and deep work early. Even now, I would rather get up early than stay up late to work. My team are accustom to seeing a whole bunch of Slack messages when they log in in the morning.

Wake up early. Be ambitious. Get shit done.

So yeah, that’s pretty much my mantra! Without further ado, here is my morning:

4am – Wake up, brush teeth and drink a glass of water with lemon in it. This is a trick I learned from Rob Dial, the Mindset Mentor. It really helps to rehydrate and get the brain firing.

4.15am – Make coffee (I’m not an animal guys) and meditate for 10 minutes. This is something I only started recently, the difference it has made to my concentration and the way I handle myself during the day has been MASSIVE.

4.30am – Goals and Journalling – I use the Goal Edition from Change in Mindset for my goals, gratitude and daily planning. At Torque, we focus on ‘Hamburger’ time and ‘Chip’ time – my colleague Anni is going to do a blog on it this soon – it’s really changed the way we work. So I plot out my hamburgers and chips for the day and integrate my To-Do’s. I work with the GTD (Getting Things Done) method from Matt Mochary – I run the actual system on, but write it out each day as it helps to cement it for me.

4.45am – Coffee two – this is important for personality activation for interaction with other humans soon! I then do some free writing in my other journal and read an article or listen to a Ted Talk – I keep a list of these on my GTD list as a separate group as I see a lot of things that I want to read, but struggle to do during the day.

5am – Pre-training meal and either carry on with reading or make the kids tea if they are awake. (They also wake up early)

5.30am – I head to Performance Purist, where I train with my coaches until about 7am or 7.15 depending on my current training schedule and competition goals.

8.15am – at my desk for work and ready for the day! Torque is 100% remote, so we have a very flexible schedule, but I tend to work ‘normal’ hours. I aim to be done by 5.30pm at the latest so that I can have dinner and play with the kids before bedtime.

8.30pm – yes, here it is, I am normally in bed and hardly ever awake after 9pm!

So yes, that’s my day – I’d love to hear more about yours and what you find works for you?