EX Trends Report 2023 / 2024

Nov 2 / Vivienne Bezuidenhout

Be informed. Be inspired. Be invincible in 2024!

Did you meet the objectives of your People Strategy in 2023? How will you apply this year’s lessons to next year’s goals?  

At Torque, our ‘reason for being’ is to help you build fantastic employee experiences that deliver on your strategy and position your company as a great workplace. Every year, we analyse the ever-evolving Employee Experience (EX) landscape to compile an overview of the emerging trends in employee behaviour and the lived experience in the workplace. What are some of the biggest EX challenges now? What are people most excited about? And how can these trends become opportunities to galvanise your People Strategy in 2024? 

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Register now for our exclusive live LinkedIn Event where our CEO, Sally Acton, will be sharing Torque’s insights into the emerging global EX trends, set in our local context. You can literally Ask Her Anything, preferably about EX... but she’ll gladly answer your questions about life, love, and laser cats too.

Failing that...

Settle in with some coffee and take the opportunity to drink in our observations and insights. Be inspired as you consider your vision for the new year. Consider your company culture's pivotal role in realising that vision and how your EX Strategy contributes to shaping that culture and, ultimately, your success. 

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