Traditional E-Learning Is Not The Answer

Oct 28 / Sally Acton
Clients often have very specific ideas when they ask us to develop a training programme for them. Most of the time they ask for a traditional e-learning programme. And, while we believe in giving our clients what they want, e-learning isn’t always the answer.

There are a few characteristics of e-learning that make it ineffective:
  1. It can feel like a chore

  2. It takes time away from work

  3. It can be too long – TED talks have found evidence that people can only focus for up to 18 minutes

  4. Completing an e-learning programme doesn’t ensure that there will be a change in behaviour or performance, so it may give a false sense of whether staff have actually adopted the training

  5. It can be expensive to develop and implement

  6. It’s difficult to measure

Because there isn’t only one solution for every performance challenge, we look at the challenges that our clients present to us and address them with an innovative, bespoke solution that addresses their individual needs:

  • First off, we don’t do boring, plain or run-of-the-mill. We’re always pushing ourselves to be better than we were yesterday and so we put a lot of energy into creating fun content

  • Our solution is mobile and optimised for multiple devices so it can be accessed wherever and whenever employees need it

  • The training is broken up into short segments followed by an interactive moment which unlocks the next clip

  • It’s trackable and can be supervised by line managers

  • It’s low maintenance as it includes automated emailing and SMS triggers that assist both the user and the line manager

  • It’s cost-effective

  • It drives people towards using the programme through fun and creative communication

Because every work environment is different, each client will present their own unique set of performance challenges. This means that an everyday solution may not be the best option to address these issues.
Check out our next blog for a practical example we set up for one of our clients. Keep Torquing!